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Who We Are

KD Max is professional cabinet design software tailored for

kitchen shops and all kinds of cabinet manufacturers.

As an integrated solution for kitchen cabinet and all kinds of cabinet business, KD Max helps you realize your design quickly, accurately and beautifully. 

For business end, we deliver accurate quotation and working drawings, to help you manage projects and shorten your sales cycle. By its outstanding features KD Max became the first choice of kitchen cabinet and all kinds of cabinet business all around the world.

Photorealistic Rendering.jpg


Photorealistic Rendering

KD Max allows you to create photorealistic visualizations very fast. High quality visualization is a proven way to attract and increase the interest of potential customers. Its also enables users to layout cabinets and complete the whole design in 3D scene, which can highly simplify the design procedure and improve work efficiency.

Massive Library

KD Max features an abundant library of cabinets, doors, accessories and other design elements, witch can help users finalize design quickly. Moreover, KD Max has the first Cloud Library of cabinet industry, including thousands of real product models like hardware, appliances of various international brands.

Work Drawing & Quotation

No more complicated and manual quotation is needed with KD Max. Once a design is finished, KD Max will generate accurate quotation as per user’s requirement. Working drawing for installation, positions of water & electricity will also be generated quickly in KD Max. This helps you design accurately

Professional program for designing kitchens, kitchen furniture and cabinets.

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